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7 Essential Auto Upgrades That Really Work

Nowadays, automobiles are so extremely engineered to meet emission and energy efficiency requirements that it is generally hard to change over the nature of the manufacturer. We said “generally”—cars are still hampered by corporate convenience and usability requirements. We’ve found 7 reasonably simple bolt-on parts that give you real performance improvements without major adjustments to your vehicle.

Wider Wheels and Tires

Advantages include Improved road handling, turn-in accuracy, and stopping. While the compromise is that the extra weight will overpower shock vibration and suspensions, decreasing the stability of the loose surface tracking.

The easiest way to increase handling is to make your wheels and tires “plus-size”. This means a proportional reduction in the sidewall height, an increase in the circumference of the wheel and an increase in the width to ensure that your wider tires retain the same diameter.

High-Performance Springs/ Shocks/Coil-Over Springs

Advantages include tyres interact with the road on bumps and at higher speeds. While the trade-off is Ride is stiffer, steering feels rougher.

Combined shocks and springs that will somewhat lesser your car’s ride height and are tuned to work together. You will find these anywhere in automobile shops. For performance car parts Australia shop at places like VPW.

Larger Anti-Roll Bars

Advantages include the car remains on the lane, enhancing the tire contact area. While the trade-offs are the bumps on one side are moved to the other side, which makes the drive rougher.

Adjustable Top Strut Mounts, Chassis Braces

Advantages include greater alignment range makes for improved orientation of the vehicle. While the trade-offs include more noise coming from the ground to the vehicle body.

Along with broader tires and shortened springs, the easiest way to fine-tune your manoeuvring alignment is to install flexible top strut brackets, also called camber plates, instead of fixed rubber struts on your front suspension.

Larger Diameter Catalyst-Back Exhaust

Advantages include more effective output of a high-speed motor. While the trade-offs include extra noise 

High-tech developments in combustion technology mean that opening the pipes is not always louder—that’s what APR’s “Reflective Sound Cancellation” system guarantees. It doesn’t pledge to be cheap, though.

Stiffer Motor Mounts

Advantages include better engine reaction and precise handling. While the trade-offs include more engine noise and throttle vibration.

When the 2003 350Z was first launched, Nissan battled with the driveline mounts, trying to reconcile friction with excessive engine movements. But if you don’t hate the periodic buzz, the urethane mounts are rigid.

Performance Seats

Advantages include greater support for improved steering and pedal control. While trade-offs: bumps that jiggle inside of you.

We noticed that firm racing-style supports are super comfy if they support you in the proper place, but they’ll have to keep you in position as your car exposes you to g-forces, which implies that the ride might get a little uncomfortable.

These are 7 of the most common auto upgrades that actually do give you a performance boost.

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