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Benefits of importing Japanese cars over locally buying

Choosing Japanese vehicle brands over what you usually find in Australia is one of the wisest decisions. Considering the sheer quality and comfort that JDM vehicles reassure, it’s an investment. But it all comes down to making the choice between importing and locally buying.

The best solution is importing, and this read, we’re going to show why exactly it is much better to import.

Limited variety for selection

The unusual cheapness of some foreign vehicle brands has contaminated Australian roads. But the developing trends of the Australian community to choose Japanese vehicles show that the future of the variety of Japanese vehicles in Australia would be higher. But as of now, that variety is quite limited.

If you happened to have the funds with you, it would be a disappointing waste all of for options that are available, but not what you truly want. Importers have changed the game for you by giving you access to the entire JDM industry, and that’s exactly why you won’t have to be stuck for limited options.

Already seasoned for Australian settings

Japanese cars are generally manufactured to run on Japanese roads. But once these vehicles are being driven on Australian roads, they get seasoned to a rather harsh environment. Hence, when you’re buying from the Australian secondhand market, you should understand that you’re not obtaining the same Japanese quality when you buy JDM from Japanese auctions.

The right method is to import vehicles that have not been driven on Australian roads and season them as the first Australian owner of the vehicle.

Ridiculously high prices

The thing about Japanese vehicles is that the price almost never drops in comparison to the other vehicle brands. The best example is the GT-R market. The prices of nissan skylines for sale in japan are extremely lower when compared to Australian-owned Skylines. This much of an increment of price is not worth it since the overall cost is going to be lesser when imported.

The worst thing that the ridiculously high price market of Australian JDM can do is push you to go for lower quality Japanese cars when you can buy better cars in better condition from japan itself. That’s why you shouldn’t be a victim of this mafia.

Increased secondhand market

When you’re to sell your vehicle, just like how the locally owned JDM cars, you’re going to be able to sell for that same high price. Since not all people are unfortunately wise enough to import from Japan, you’re going to be able to resell your vehicle for a very high price. After all, it’s not your job to disclose the fact that importing is extremely cheap to a buyer who’s willing to overpay; it’s a simple business.

Availability of reliable professional services

One could argue that there’s a significant risk of importing a vehicle when you can buy from a reliable local seller. But the presence of even reliable professional services where the company has representatives bidding for your car in Japanese auctions makes everything easier for you. In comparison, buying a vehicle from a local seller… how reliable can that really be?

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