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Common Myths about Car Servicing

If you possess a car, you are aware that doing routine maintenance on it is necessary to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently. However, it may be quite difficult to sift through all of the information available to determine what is best for your vehicle. This is where our assistance can be of use.

To put your mind at ease and assist address some of your most pressing inquiries, the Automotive Experts from Full Service Auto Repair & Maintenance have debunked some myths that are commonly believed to be true about the upkeep of your car.

Myth Number One

You do not need to do routine oil checks. False, sorry to disappoint you. You shouldn’t have to wait months before relying on a technician to check on your vehicle. If you use your automobile daily, it is imperative that you do maintenance inspections at regular intervals. The usual rule of thumb is that you should check the pressure in your tyres once per month.

And although it takes a little bit more knowledge, you should also check the belts and oil in your vehicle once a month if you know what you’re doing. If you are unsure how to check the oil in your vehicle, it is recommended that you take it to a technician at least once every three months to have it checked out. If you keep a close eye on any signs of wear or tear and communicate with the auto repair professional who inspects your vehicle at regular intervals, you may be able to avoid a more extensive and expensive repair.

Myth Number Two

Technicians will always urge that you get more repairs done. When it comes to mechanics, here’s the deal: if your vehicle does have a problem, you need them to find it. It is always preferable to identify and rectify a problem before it causes a breakdown while travelling, as this is a far less comfortable situation.

Myth Number Three

If you call your vehicle repair business, they are always able to provide you with an accurate estimate over the phone. One of the difficulties associated with providing estimates over the phone is the fact that your repair shop will be unable to provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue until they have had the opportunity to physically inspect or test-run your vehicle. No correct diagnosis implies no accurate quotation.

Myth Number Four

The recommended maintenance schedules are designed so that you will spend more money. To ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly year after year, auto repair businesses recommend that you adhere to a preventative maintenance programme at least annually. You may believe that this is due to their desire to continue earning money off of you, but in reality, they want to make sure that your car receives the preventative maintenance it requires in order to avoid major repairs (or malfunctions) before they occur.

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