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Common Vehicle Radiator Repairs

The radiator is essential for the cooling system of the vehicle and it is what maintains proper engine temperature preventing the engine from overheating. However, there can be certain issues that can come up with regard to the radiator and these will be discussed at length in the article below.

A common issue you will come across

Is leaking which can occur when the gaskets are worn out or if there is physical damage to the radiator. Corrosion can also contribute to this. And if you don’t research well when replacing your radiator, you might end up with one that is not manufactured properly and because of the poor quality, there will be many issues that can come up. When there is a leak in the radiator, it’s going to lose coolant and this will lead to overheating of the engine. You need to find a mechanic immediately to prevent the engine from getting damaged. If the leak if s minor, you can use a radiator sealant but you will need to replace the damaged parts such as hoses, gaskets or sometimes the entire radiator to stop this from happening again. You need to carry out regular maintenance and check the level of coolant and see if there is a coolant puddle underneath the vehicle.

There can be a lot of debris

That can accumulate in the radiator which can clog it and this will prevent proper flow of the coolant. This can also lead to overheating of the engine. When you go to Bricknell radiators repairs, they will remove the built-up debris by flushing the radiator. Here, the old coolant will be drained and the radiator will be flushed with a cleaning solution. The mechanic will also fill the radiator with fresh coolant. Also, it is important to change coolant regularly and to use high quality anti-freeze. This is a great tip for preventing clogs in the future. The coolant is cooled due to the airflow generated by the radiator fan and if the fan malfunctions, there will be insufficient cooling of the engine. And when this happens when you are driving at low speeds especially, engine overheating can happen. The fan can stop working for many reasons such as having a faulty relay, sensor or motor. When you take the vehicle to a mechanic, they will check the electrical connections and test the fan to identify the cause of the malfunction. If there is a damaged component, this can be replaced.

If you have an older vehicle

And you drive in harsh weather conditions frequently, your radiator is at risk of being exposed to corrosion. This can happen to newer cars as well if you don’t use the right coolants or replace with high quality parts. The structure of the radiator will be weakened due to corrosion and this can lead to leaks. You need to look for coolants with anti-corrosion properties to prevent this from happening. However, if the radiator has corroded to a great extent, it is best to replace it.

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