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Electric vs Gas Outboard Motors

You probably came across this article looking for a single-engine that is considered “best” by everyone. That being said, there is no single engine capable of fulfilling the demands of all sailors, boatmen, racers, or explorers. Although most of them lean towards traditional gas outboards for their strength and range, electrical outboard engines should also be regarded as offering several attractive benefits.

2 outboard electric motors stand out in the industry: Torqeedo and ePropulsion. Though Torqeedo is a well-known and well-established brand in the electric motor industry, ePropulsion is a newcomer that is rapidly making headway in this segment.

What Are the Advantages of An Electric Outboard?

While electric engines can be more costly, the sale price is largely a result of producing such a high-quality product that improves consumer sustainability and safety. For those in need of a compact outboard, an electric outboard motor is a better alternative than the propane or gas choices available.

Unlike traditional outboards, electrical outboards remove the need to include and hold flammable materials on your boat. These sources of energy are possible threats not only to boat guests but also to the marine life that we capture and consume.

Many of the contaminants contained in gas will bioaccumulate in marine animals, a concern that worsens when you continue to fish up the food chain. Next time you’re seated over the crystal-clear water of your best fishing place, remember the poisonous gases that gas outboards generate while they’re in operation.

Both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines will emit toxic gases that significantly contribute to water and air pollution, so make sure you don’t leave a tiny oil slick behind you, or you could eat it during your next fish fry.

Other than protection, the noise created by the motor is another major component of the choice of the “ideal” outboard engine. While sound does not inherently affect the efficiency of a boat, a noisy, distracting engine can easily chase away fish and divert from the relaxation and pleasure of boating. For an electrical outboard, you’re never going to be hearing your partner complain of a noise migraine or odor again.

This allows a roundabout visit to the lake or a cruise trip to the surrounding island a much more enjoyable trip. Kick back and relax while you enjoy the sounds of spraying water and new smells, instead of the outboard drone. Enjoy the outdoors as it was intended to be.

Experienced boaters can be shocked to know that while electrical outboards do not produce a lot of noise, they can now deliver solid efficiency. Electric outboards nowadays are capable of achieving the same speeds as comparable gas outboards, are highly durable, and need less upkeep than their gas equivalents. In particular, the ePropulsion engines are reliable and have fail-safe functionality to ensure the durability of the engine.


After learning about these benefits, it is simple to understand why electrical outboards are rated at the top end of the market. While these engines are potentially more costly than their gas equivalent, the advantages of using electric outboard engines will exceed the drawbacks for many boat owners. The efficiency, design, and reliability of the electric outboard engine will save you money in the long run!

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