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How to Deal with A Car Accident

Road accidents remain a cause for many deaths. It is due to negligence and irresponsibility that there is no complete reduction in accidents. Thus, despite the implementation of road safety and precautionary measures- safe driving is not prioritized. Various factors are contributing to a road accident. Below mentioned are a few of them.

What are the causes of a road accident?


Perhaps the significant reason for accidents is the driver’s carelessness. For instance, over-speeding the vehicle, breaking the road rules, dodging the warning signs, or driving under the influence of alcohol are common examples. Unquestionably, there can be a reduction of 75% in collisions if the driver is alert and practices safe driving.


Another factor that increases the chances of an accident occurring- is when a walker crosses outside the zebra crossing line. Hence, it is strictly advised to use a crossing line to move across the other side of the road. 

Fixing these two factors can create a positive impact on reducing the accident rate. Besides that- there are conditional factors such as sudden vehicle breakdown or severe weather statuses that lead to unfortunate events. Hence, we are aware of how a collision can result in death, injury, or destruction of the property. However, similarly to the safety measures, there are a few after-collision practices one must follow. 

What should one do after encountering an accident?

The damage has already been caused, either by you or a third party. It is very likely one tends to get panicked in such an exposed situation. Yet, the following practices bring the whole situation under control. 

Below mentioned are a few things one must keep in mind after facing a collision:

Stop the vehicle with immediate effect. Irrespective of whether it is a minor or a major accident, the vehicle should not be relocated. And one must remember to flash the hazard lights to minimize further destructions from happening.  

However, if the ongoing traffic is interrupted, both the parties involved in the accident should do the following; before moving their respected vehicle from the scene region.

  1. Take photographs from all angles to represent the collision.
  2. Mark the exact position on the road.It will act as a piece of evidence in further investigation.

The next step is to inform the local police of that particular area. If the accident was caused by another party you should consider contacting road accident lawyers. The attorney will guide you to claim the rightful compensation.

Furthermore, based on the evidence, they also help in preparing a powerful case for your defence. In such a situation, there are high chances to get into the trap of blame game. Moreover, bargaining with the insurance company also gets more straightforward. 

In general, the officials collect the essential information while filing a report. In case the police officer is unable to arrive at the scene both the involved parties should exchange these data;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Vehicle number
  • Contact information of the witnesses

However, before performing any of the actions mentioned above, one must give priority to seek immediate medical attention if there are any casualties.

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