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Should You Go for A Full Auto Detailing?

When you go for an auto detailing, you’d get your vehicle back looking brand new. So, the answer is definitely yes, especially if you have had your vehicle for a long time. Not only would this enhance and change how your vehicle look, a vehicle detailing is also for preventive maintenance and measures.

Deep cleaning your vehicle

Most car owners go for a full auto detailing because their vehicle would go for a deep clean, particularly the wheels. Sure, getting a car wash is enough but if you avail of auto detailing, the exterior of your vehicle would get cleaned as much as possible before it is polished or washed. Your car would either be cleaned with high pressure hoses or through an automated car wash.

The main difference though is that cleaning from a detailing is much better since the professionals give extra time on the part of your vehicle that needs that deep cleaning. The interior of your vehicle would also be vacuumed and for vinyl surfaces, gentle brushes and cleaning agents would be used to remove scratches and scuff marks from years of use.

The carpet and other upholstery would also be cleaned to remove any stains. Leather upholstery would also be cleaned and conditioned so as to prevent drying or cracking up. The engine would also be cleaned so as to make maintenance easier and to see other problems your engine might have which you did not see underneath the layer of grime and dust.

Paint repairs

Since an auto detailing would have your car looking like brand new, nicks and scratches on the paint job must also be patched up. Going for a BMW car detailing entails touching up paint repairs. But if the scruff marks are major and the parts of your car is dented, you might need to have a body repaint your vehicle since touch up would not perfectly match the existing paint. A clearcoat would also be applied to provide UV protection.

Polishing and buffing

You might think that detailing ends with the paint job but to really make your vehicle shine and looking like brand new, it would go through another process called polishing and buffing. Over time, dirt and nicks would make your car’s paint job dull.

Polishing and buffing it would clean off the dirt and take care of the scratches. Be wary though of selecting which professional would do the polishing and buffing for you since an uneven buffing could leave swirl marks or if the professional did a shabby job of polishing and buffing, it could end in a patchy finish.

Other works

Since it is a full detailing, this also includes cleaning the steering wheel, door and window handles, seatbelts, etc. Installing other accessories and supplementary custom work is also done during detailing but might cost additional cost.

A full vehicle detailing job would take from four to five hours so make sure that you get it done during your day off so you would not be rushing and the professionals could do a more thorough job.

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