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Subtle ways how you’re damaging your wheels

Tyres are one of the most fundamental features of any vehicle. That’s why you need to ensure their quality all the time. Although you obviously wouldn’t do anything to harm them knowingly, the unintentional ways could be doing more severe damage.

These ways are quite subtle and don’t seem to show the damage until they reach irreversible points. Hence, it is crucial that you steer away from these subtle mistakes in how you damage your tyres.

Driving with alignment issues

In order to under the adverse effect of poor alignment issues, you first should understand what tyre alignment really is. That can be well understood in understanding what it is not. The two functional types that it is confused with are wheel balancing and wheel rotation. Wheel rotation is the process of switching tyre positions and wheel balancing involves even weight distribution. Wheel alignment on the other hand involves suspension. Poor suspension leads to uneven wearing off of the tyres on top of severe dangerous risks. That’s why it’s never worth it to drive under such conditions.

The uneven quality of the used tyres

Each tyre manufacturing company only has to fulfill the minimum requirements in manufacturing standards. How high they go up from the minimum mark is a choice. This choice decides the quality of the brand as well. Thus, when you use different brand types for each tyre of your vehicle, you simply cannot expect an even wearing off. Not only that, but this unevenness could also cause several maneuvering difficulties as well. Thus, ensure to choose the same type of brand for all the tyres of your vehicle for good.

Driving on unsuitable surfaces

There’s a reason why every vehicle has a range of surfaces they can be driven on. While the typical cruisers may have the lowest range, the 4×4 vehicles can be driven both on highways and off-road. But when you drive a cruiser on off roads, it’s definitely going to damage the tires. Not on the tyres sunshine themselves but the entire suspension and tyre system would be subjected to perilous endings. Hence, you should never ever take your vehicle on roads that they’re designed not to be driven on. The more you do, the shorter would be the lifespan of your tyres.

Not doing regular checkups

You must see a dentist every now and then. This is due to the sheer difficulty to foresee some complicated dental issues. But when you visit the dentist timely, they can predict these conditions and resolve them at the earliest stages. Imagine the financial loss you’d have to sustain by running with amazing tyres but poor alignment or balancing. Thus, in order to protect your tyres, it is mandatory that you ride into a garage for regular checkups.


Taking care of each aspect of your vehicle is essential due to several reasons. Since tyres need that special attention, it is your utmost responsibility to make timely decisions so that you don’t have to spend on replacements and such too soon.

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