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What to Expect When Transitioning from Glasses to Contact Lenses?

It can be a significant change to go from glasses to contact lenses. This is a decision that can offer you a lot of convenience and comfort. But there are a few adjustments to get used to which will be explained further in the article below.

There is an initial adjustment period for custom contact lenses. Glasses will sit on the bridge of your nose but contact lenses should be applied to the eyes directly. This process can feel foreign at first and a little uncomfortable but this will become second nature with practice and patience. When you first start wearing contact lenses, it is common to experience irritation, dryness and feeling that there is something foreign in your eye. This is just your eyes adapting to the presence of the lenses. Your eye care professional will be able to recommend lubricating eye drops so that any discomfort can be alleviated. It will also promote moisture retention. The main reason that people switch to contact lenses is that it offers an enhanced visual experience. You will be able to have a wider field of vision compared to what you would experience when wearing glasses as your field of view is confined by the frames. But with contact lenses, you will have a dynamic visual perspective that is great for driving or engaging in sports. You will also be able to enjoy a dynamic panoramic view without any visual obstructions.

You will also be able to enjoy consistent vision throughout the day

There is a stability to your vision regardless of lighting condition changes or head movements. And you will be able to have a more natural vision with the benefit of contact lenses. When you wear glasses, there can be some distractions that can occur as a result of reflections or lens glare. There is also more flexibility to be enjoyed with contact lenses so that you can engage in activities that would otherwise be challenging when you wear glasses. For example, you can swim or participate in contact sports without having to worry about your glasses slipping off or fogging up. And this will give you freedom of movement and convenience. Many people experience a boost in their self-confidence when they wear contact lenses. Some people tend to feel self-conscious about their appearance when wearing glasses and you will be able to showcase natural facial features without having to worry about the frames.

However, minimal maintenance is required for glasses

You can occasionally clean them but other than this, there is not much to do maintenance-wise. But there is more maintenance required for contact lenses along with keeping up with hygiene practices so that you can enjoy optimal eye health. You have to wash hands carefully before handling lenses and store them properly in a clean case with fresh disinfecting solution. There are many issues that can develop as a result of not maintaining proper hygiene practices. It can lead to eye irritation and infections.

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