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What to Know About Tyre Repair Tools?

You need to be prepared for more emergencies that you may face on the road. And one of these emergencies has to replace or repair your tyre in the middle of your journey. You have to keep tyre changing equipment in your vehicle in order to do this. There are tyre repair kits that you can purchase as well.

When it comes to replacing wheels and tyres, you need to have a spare tyre in your vehicle, a wheel wrench that comes with an extension bar, a jack and a tyre repair kit. It is also good to have the handbook of your vehicle that can be referred to whenever you are having an issue.

When you buy a used car, you have to check if all tyre changing equipment and other tools provided by the manufacturer are included. If you are not sure of what this equipment entails, you can refer to the handbook where the full list will be given. If the vehicle comes with a spare wheel, there should also be a jack and a wheel wrench included. Sometimes, you will also need a locking wheel nut adapter.

Even if you know how to replace a tyre, you should still have the vehicle handbook in your car at all times. There are certain differences that each model of car will have and the specific details of these will be given in the handbook. Having a tyre repair kit in your vehicle can help you repair the tyre for a short term until you can drive to a mechanic. Sometimes, the vehicle will not come with a spare wheel.

These models come with a post-puncture repair kit, glue, and carbon dioxide canisters or pump. You need to have proper equipment to lift the vehicle. This way you can easily remove the flat or damaged tyre. Before you repair the tyre, you have to carefully examine its interior and exterior. You can purchase an inspection light that will come in handy in this situation.

You can spread the sidewalls of the tyre by using a tyre spreader or a brake spreader. This way, you can get a better idea of the inside of the tyre. To probe the puncture area, you can use an eight inch blunt awl. It will help you understand the angle of the puncture wound and you will also be able to remove any dirt that is trapped within. Sometimes you may not be able to find where the puncture is. In this case, you can use a leak detection spray.

You can also mix some water with liquid dish wash and use a spray bottle to spray the mixture onto the surface of the tyre. The advantage of a leak detection spray is that it is more consistent. The inside of the tyre can have a lot of dirt and grime. There can be mould and lubricants that have been deposited. You can remove the grime using an inner liner scraper before the repair area is buffed. This is an important step to carry out as skipping this can cause the repair to fail.

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